5 veteran Baltimore Ravens who may lose their jobs to younger players

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Kyu Blu Kelly, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Will Kyu Blu Kelly win the backup outside job

There are a lot of veterans who have to be watching out for Kyu Blu Kelly. While Rock Ya-Sin appears to be the overwhelming front-runner to start on the outside, the team will have serious competition for the depth spots.

Some of the veteran names include Jalyn Armour-Davis, Daryl Worley, Travon Mullen, and Kayvon Seymour. While there are names in there that will present challenges, there also is not a name on that list that makes you think that they would for sure hold Kyu Blu Kelly back.

When you add in that some of those names may end up competing for slot snaps, and Kelly does not have that in his arsenal, the competition may even be thinner. While Kelly may not end up catching Rock Ya-Sin, at least not during his rookie season, he could end up pushing him by the end of the season, and a perfect scenario would be the Ravens entering 2024, trusting Kelly to be outside across from Marlon Humphrey.