Viral take against the Ravens by Mike Florio makes no sense

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The upcoming Christmas Night game between AFC and NFC leaders the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers respectively is expected to be a major highlight of the NFL's triple-header on Dec. 25 as the league will try to steal the spotlight from the NBA's classic slate of games.

The game has, also, brought all of the hot-takery you could expect from a matchup like this (which most folks out there have already labeled a "Super Bowl Preview"), and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk lost no time in finding a way to become a viral sensation (once again) with his silly take about the game.

Our friend Florio only sees one potential outcome, and that's the 49ers demolishing Baltimore (h/t Kevin Oestreicher for capturing and sharing the clip).

"As long as those guys (the 49ers) are healthy, they’re going to run over everyone," said Florio. "The 49ers kick the s*** out of the Ravens."

The pundit, known for holding no grudges, made his view of the contest very clear, so far as to drop many s-bombs live on air.

"The 49ers kick the s**** out of the Ravens, I’m sorry I know that’s disrespectful to the Ravens, but let’s be realistic…the 49ers are going to dismantle the Ravens. If it’s a Super Bowl preview, the Super Bowl’s gonna suck"

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

He then acknowledged that some Ravens fans, or even players and staffers, might feel "disrespected" by his take, but quickly added, "Let's be realistic." As Florio sees it, there simply is no way for the Ravens to get a win on Monday.

"They got to fly across the country on Christmas night, and the 49ers are waiting," Florio reasoned. "And the 49ers are going to dismantle the Ravens."

Baltimore Ravens franchise quarterback Lamar Jackson, however, has embraced the underdog status his franchise is carrying into this game.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Jackson said he prefers to be doubted by the media and the oddsmakers out there. "I like being the underdog," he started. "I believe we play better when we’re doubted and [when] people aren’t choosing us to win the game."

The game will also feature the top three favorites for the Most Valuable Player Award according to the latest update by Vegas, those three being (in order): 49ers QB Brock Purdy, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, and 49ers RB Christian McCaffery.

According to ESPN, teams listed as underdogs for an MNF matchup have won seven consecutive games, the longest streak in the history of this primetime slot.

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Oddsmakers currently favor the 49ers over the Ravens, with Baltimore entering the weekend as a 5.5-point underdog. Can't wait. Bring it on.

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