3 ways Miami Dolphins will test Baltimore Ravens more than San Francisco 49ers

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1. The Miami Dolphins interior defensive line is healthier than San Francisco 49ers

The Baltimore Ravens may have got the San Francisco 49ers at the right time on their schedule. The 49ers limped into the game a bit. Their secondary is not their strength because they lean on their defensive line. However, their interior line was not whole. 

Javon Hargrave played but had missed time beforehand and was definitely still banged up. Meanwhile, Arik Armstead missed the game. The Miami Dolphins are not only healthy along their front, but this is also the best their front has looked. 

Both Christian Wilkins and Zach Seilter are having career years for the Dolphins. The 49ers duo could be as good at their healthiest, but right now, it is not close; the Dolphins front is better. Yes, Nick Bosa and Chase Young are the better edge rushers, but with Andrew Van Ginkel and Bradley Chubb, they are good enough to cause trouble. 

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More than anything, this week will test the interior more than the other positions on the Baltimore Ravens offensive line.