3 big what ifs that could derail the Baltimore Ravens season

There are assumptions about the new offense, and a few pieces on the defense that could still go poorly
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Rock Ya-Sin, Baltimore Ravens
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2. What if the Baltimore Ravens cannot find their second cornerback?

The Baltimore Ravens have eight cornerbacks on their roster. It is easy to say that this team has done everything you can do to find a second cornerback behind Marlon Humphrey. However, there is simply the chance that it does not happen.

First off, they have to survive a week or two without Humphrey. Humphrey did not go to IR, which means the Ravens expect him back in the first four weeks of the season. Still, between week one and then, they need to scrape together starters.

Rock Ya-Sin has not practiced in a month, and Ronald Darby has not been on the roster for a month. They both may be in line to start. Brandon Stephens was a safety about two months ago, and Kevon Seymour was just cut. Then, there is Jalyn Armour-Davis, who did not get cut only because of his draft pick investment.

Between those five, the Ravens really just need one guy to step up. Better than that, it does not even need to be one throughout the season. They just need one of them every week to be ready. Still, as we have highlighted, while all of them could step into the role, none of them should be trusted to succeed there.

It is easy to assume that between Darby, Ya-Sin, Seymour, and Stephens they can find good enough play to get through the season, but this could be a major issue.