Which uniform are the Ravens wearing in Week 1?

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens will kick off their 2023 season playing inside the comfortable M&T Bank Stadium when they host the Houston Texans on Sunday.

If you are in possession of multiple Ravens jerseys, shirseys, or tees and want to arrive at The Bank donning the proper threads matching the colors worn by your on-field superheroes in Week 1, fear nothing because we've got you covered!

Just for context, the Ravens have a quite large wardrobe featuring different uniform combinations, depending on where they play each game. Last season, these are the uniforms the Flock wore through the year on their way to reaching the playoffs, per Ravens Uniform Tracker.

To get things going this season and avoid getting into trouble (looking at you, purple-on-purple!), the Ravens are going classic for their season opener against the Texans on Sunday.

Ravens will wear their primary purple-on-white uniforms vs. Texans

Since this is a home game, the team will be donning its primary purple-colored tops along with the white pants.

We'll have to wait for weirder and less-used combos as the franchise decided to keep things clean and classic for their 2023 season opener against Houston.

At the end of the day, we can't complain. The Ravens have a perfect 7-0 record when wearing purple-on-white uniforms for their season openers spanning from 2016 through last season when the Flock topped the New York Jest on the road.

But you know the best of all? Baltimore has such a clean wardrobe that no matter which uniform the Ravens had chosen it would have still flashed and popped out there on the field at The Bank.

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Such classy is this franchise and such is the swag the Baltimore Ravens Football Team carries with it to the field every single week.

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