Which uniform are the Ravens wearing in Week 10?

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens
Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The last time the Baltimore Ravens used the uniform they'll be donning on Sunday, it worked. Why change, then?

The classic purple-and-white threads are surely a winning combination, as proved by the Flock last weekend in their absolute beating of Seattle within the walls of M&T Bank Stadium.

The hope? Well, use the combo once more in Week 10 against the Cleveland Browns to defeat the team for the second time this season while also racking up back-to-back victories using a similar uniform.


The Ravens will go purple-over-white this weekend, something they have done three times before in 2023, all of them earning positive outcomes: a season-opening victory against the Houston Texans, a Week 7 demolition of the Detroit Lions, and a throughout beating of the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday in Week 9.

If you check the 2022 Ravens Wardrobe over Ravens Uniform Tracker, you'll find out how they did with every one of the different jersey and pants combinations.

Ravens will go Purple-on-White against the Cardinals

So far this year, the Ravens have always used purple jerseys in their home games and white threads when playing on the road. The trend will keep going this weekend in the second meeting with the visiting Elves, which is great news to kick Sunday off considering the past results (3-0) while using this combo this season.

Rookie QB and Texans phenom C.J. Stroud could do nothing against Baltimore in his pro debut back in Week 1 as the Flock went on to beat Houston 25-9.

The Detroit Lions looked like Super Bowl contenders until they faced real competition in Baltimore and got trounced to a 38-6 outcome.

Finally, the daunting Seattle Seahawks looked like nothing close to a strong team against the Ravens last weekend, scoring a meager three points through four quarters while falling a nail short of eating a 40-burger courtesy of the Flock.

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The Ravens earned a 2-1 record using this combination last year, and they are already 3-0 this season while aiming at a perfect 4-0 with another W on Sunday. Last year, they faced the New York Jets (W), the Miami Dolphins (L), and the Carolina Panthers (W) using this uniform.