Which uniform are the Ravens wearing in Week 9?

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens
Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Sometimes you just have to rely on past (recent) history and classic uniforms for a winning combination, don't you? That's what the Baltimore Ravens (6-2) are doing this weekend as they return home to host the visiting Seattle Seahawks (5-2) for their Week 9 matchup.

The Ravens will go purple-over-white this weekend, something they have done twice before in 2023, and both times to positive outcomes: a season-opening victory against the Houston Texans and a Week 7 demolition of the Detroit Lions.


So far this year, the Ravens have always used purple jerseys in their home games and white threads when playing on the road. The trend won't change this weekend, and that's probably for the better as the results have been good so far and and two of the three games the Flock donned this combo they ended up winniing those matchups.

If you check the 2022 Ravens Wardrobe over Ravens Uniform Tracker, you'll find out how they did with every one of the different jersey and pants combinations.

Ravens will go Purple-on-White against the Cardinals

The season started nicely for Baltimore as the Ravens hosted the rebuilding Texans in Week 1 and dealt with them easily earning their first win of the season, a 25-9 victory.

A month and a half later, hosting the feared Detroit Lions, they once more used the same uniform they chose for Week 1 and destroyed the Lions 38-6 just a few days after playing a football game in London of all places.

Now, after having beaten the Cardinals in their stadium in Arizona, the Flock is flying back home for their fourth home match of the season aiming at moving to a 7-2 record on the year by using the exact same threads that put them on the path to victory twice before this season.

The Ravens earned a 2-1 record using this combination last year, and they are already at that mark barely halfway through the regular season.

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Last year, they faced the New York Jets (W), the Miami Dolphins (L), and the Carolina Panthers (W) using this uniform.

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