Why and how did Lamar Jackson join the elite Perfect QB club?

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Baltimore Ravens (13-3) won a game on Sunday led by soon-to-be MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson, who also made history in the 56-19 win over the Miami Dolphins thanks to his posting of another (his third) perfect game on the passing front.

Jackson's outing, in which he went for 21 pass attempts completing 18 of them for 321 yards and five touchdowns, as well as avoiding throwing any interception at all, helped Lamar find a place among some NFL's elite quarterbacks from years past.

After posting a 158.3 passer rating, the highest-possible mark for that particular statistic, Lamar Jackson became just the fifth player in NFL history with three such "perfect" games. Jackson, mind you, is still in just his sixth season as a pro since he joined the league, and virtually only his fifth as a starter.

In other words, get ready to find Jackson in a one-man club all of his own sooner rather than later, because he will have another perfect passing game before his career is over, perhaps even before the 2023 season is completed with one more regular-season game in the schedule and at least one more in the playoffs.

Often criticized for his playing style and even labeled a "running back" at the start of his career, I don't think there is anything left to be done by Lamar to prove all haters wrong. He's one of two unanimous MVPs in NFL history, about to win his second Most Valuable Player award, in an elite group of passers that would have never been depicted as "quarterbacky," and inching closer to carrying the Ravens to a Super Bowl title.

has repeatedly proven his critics wrong with performances that highlight his versatility and effectiveness as a quarterback. His ability to deliver perfect games puts him on par with some of the greatest players in the history of the sport, further validating his place in the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks.

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For reference, Lamar Jackson completed his first 158-3-rating game against the same franchise, the Miami Dolphins back in Sep. 2019 in a 59-10 victory. He had a second one against the Bengals later that season, in Nov. 2019, on a 49-13 win. And now, this third one could also coincide with another MVP year for Jackson. Congrats, Lamar!

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