Why the Baltimore Ravens bye week is so beneficial for Mike MacDonald

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Mike MacDonald had an excellent year and is now one of the hottest coordinators in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator is now getting the attention of head coaches from multiple teams. Both the Washington Commanders and Carolina Panthers have requested to interview Mike MacDonald. 

The Baltimore Ravens can benefit from the bye week with Mike MacDonald

While this is great for MacDonald, there is a track record of these hot coordinators getting job interviews in the playoffs and then their side of the ball coming out with a weaker game plan when the games matter the most. It appears the coordinator spends time focusing on nailing the interview, which takes time away from the playoff opponent. This is why the Baltimore Ravens bye week could be so beneficial. 

The Ravens now have a week where MacDonald can get everything in order for his interviews.  He does not have to worry about the time spent this week because they do not have an opponent. He could be self-scouting a bit more, but this is not as worrisome. It is fair for players and coaches to use the bye week to take their minds off of the task at hand because it can be advantageous to come in fresh. If MacDonald takes some time to get his head straight for job interviews, it would not be as out of line as taking time away from the Ravens' quest for the Super Bowl.

Then, when the Ravens do have to prepare a game plan for their opponent, he will have his full attention on the task at hand because the rest of his affairs will be settled.

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The bye week is often brought up as an advantage for players who get to rest, but the coordinators who have potential head coach interviews have to be taking advantage of this bye week as well. The hope for the Baltimore Ravens is that Mike MacDonald will not be distracted after getting so many requests.