Why Lamar Jackson will dominate the Los Angeles Rams

Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson is in the MVP conversation, but it almost feels like the defense is taking away how valuable he is to the Baltimore Ravens' offense. Still, as there are just five games to go, Jackson is in the top five of pretty much any MVP conversation. A big game against the Rams' defense could be the perfect game for Jackson to make a statement. 

Lamar Jackson can make an MVP statement for the Baltmore Ravens against the Los Angeles Rams

The Rams' defense has been about average, but one thing to note is that they have only faced a couple of above-average quarterbacks, and the only other quarterback with mobility like Lamar Jackson, lit them up. 

Jalen Hurts threw for over 300 yards and ran for 17 yards and a touchdown in an Eagles win. This is the style of game that the Ravens should implement. 

Jackson has success against NFC teams because they do not have much time to prepare for him, and he hardly comes around on the schedule. That is why the Ravens dominated both the Lions and Seahawks, who also came to Baltimore with questions about defending a talent like Jackson and left with blowout losses. 

The last time the Rams saw Lamar Jackson, it was a breakout game for Jackson on his way to winning the MVP. Four years later Jackson is back in the same spot.

Do not be surprised if Lamar Jackson continues his dominance over a Rams defense that is playing a touch over their heads right now.