Will the Baltimore Ravens continue to ride the hot hand in the backfield?

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The Baltimore Ravens have been trying to figure out their running back position since the first week of the season week. First, it was looking like the J.K. Dobbins show. Then, Melvin Gordon and Kenyan Drake made debuts and quick exits before the team worked out Keaton Mitchell until he got hurt. 

Will the Baltimore Ravens ride with Justice Hill in the playoffs

Through it all, they have been rotating Gus Edwards and Justice Hill. Edwards had typically been the lead. This year, he has played 43% of the snaps, with 42% of the rushing attempts and 27% of the routes run. 

On the flip side, Hill has played 39% of the snaps, with 19% of the rushing attempts and 39% of the routes run. This saw a bit of a change in the first playoff game.

It was Hill leading the way with 57% of the snaps, 34% of the attempts, and 59% of the routes run. Edwards was down at 34% of the snaps, with 26% of the attempts, and just 17% of the routes run. It was a drop across the board. In typical scenarios, the Ravens would play Edwards when they want to grind out a lead, and if they were passing heavy and in comeback mode, they would go to Hill. However, even with the lead late, they stayed with Hill.

The move worked. Justice Hill had the best game of his season and, arguably, his career. He got them out to a fast start with some key runs, and it was Hill putting the game away late in the fourth quarter. 

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So, it does bring the question of whether they should ride with Hill or whether they just saw something gameplan-specific this week that they could take advantage of. The Chiefs' defense is much worse against the run than the pass, so this will be a major decision.