Ranking 5 worst offseason moves by Baltimore Ravens

Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
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Overall, the Baltimore Ravens' offseason ended up being far more eventful than your typical offseason, and most of that came from the Lamar Jackson franchise tag, which was followed up with an extension. Still, there was a lot of moving and shaking otherwise to make it happen as well.

While the Ravens do look better on paper, there will always be a decision or two that can be questioned. What were some of the worst decisions that the Baltimore Ravens made in the 2023 offseason?

5. Baltimore Ravens let Calais Campbell

There was not a tougher decision to see than watching the Baltimore Ravens let Calais Campbell. What hurts more is seeing that he even got more on the open market, showing that the Ravens only released him out of desperation.

To be fair to the Ravens, at the time, they were pressed. They had Lamar Jackson on the franchise tag, which meant that they could not wiggle around his cap hit. He was eating a big chunk. Beyond that, Campbell is creeping up on the age where the best days are behind him. The Ravens had to make some tough cuts, and he was one of them.

Still, what hurts now is that there probably was a way that the two sides could have come together with how the Jackson contract unfolded. The Jackson deal ended up freeing up space for the Ravens, and they could have found a way to fit in Calais Campbell with how they stand now.

Still, there is a part of you that thinks that they were ready to move on. His age was starting to get higher, and while he brought a high level of play, you cannot predict an All-Pro next year.

Still, the Ravens' defense certainly could have used him. We will be watching closely to see how Calais Campbell does with the Atlanta Falcons to see if this was wise or senseless.