Ranking 5 worst offseason moves by Baltimore Ravens

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Baltimore Ravens, Eric DeCosta
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2. Could Baltimore Ravens have traded down?

It was almost shocking to see that the Baltimore Ravens went the entire draft weekend and did not trade down once. Whose team is this? The Ravens also did not have many compensatory picks this year, but that speaks to past offseasons more than this one.

Still, the team entered the draft with one of the fewer amounts of picks that they ever had and left the draft with one extra pick, only because they traded a future seventh-rounder for Andrew Vorhees. That was not Ravens-like.

Eric DeCosta said that the team did not get a good offer, but you have to wonder if the run of wideouts in round one pressured them to stick tight and take the top pass catcher.

In round three, they either valued Trenton Simpson much higher, which is possible, or they truly were not getting the right offers. We will never know. Still, it left the team with just a few day-three picks, and that is when the team fills the roster with depth.

This is a problem because you can see the lack of depth coming up to them, Behind day three pick Tavius Robinson are serious questions on the edge, and before the Baltimore Ravens signed Angelo Blackson, they were staring down a UDFA being a lock to make the roster on the defensive line.

We highlighted the questions at cornerback; even the offensive line could use competition. The reality is that this roster may have more top-end talent than in recent years, but it is not as deep as in recent years. The Ravens may have been able to trade down and help get a little of both.