Ranking 5 worst offseason moves by Baltimore Ravens

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Odell Beckham, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Did the Baltimore Ravens over pay Odell Beckham Jr.?

To start, it is fair to admit that the 2023 salary cap is not impacted heavily by the Baltimore Ravens signing Odell Beckham. They signed him to a deal that features multiple void years and thus spread out the cap hit. However, once the team does move on from Beckham, the cap hit is going to hit them when he is not playing for them.

The first thought is that the salary cap will go up so that it will be a lesser percentage of the cap. However, on the flip side, the Ravens will be faced with a spot this offseason where they either have to extend Beckham or eat about $12M in dead money.

If Odell Beckham plays well this will work out. if he gets injuries or does not look the same, they will be paying $12M for someone who is not on the roster next year. The fact is that this is possible with Beckham. We last saw him in the Super Bowl more than a year ago, and he missed an entire season. Beyond that, he is now 30 years old and has not had a full season of solid production in about four years.

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This is a risk that may pay off, but it is a risk nonetheless. We can call it like it is while acknowledging it could pay off, and the high-end outcomes make it easier to bare the risk.