Yahoo analyst envisions "Nightmare Scenario" involving Todd Monken and Lamar Jackson

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Everybody around Flock Nation is hella happy this summer. There are more than enough reasons for that to be the case, of course, with the Baltimore Ravens entering a season in which nearly everybody is healthy once and for all and there is a realistic chance for the team to reach the Super Bowl.

The Ravens have moved on from OC Greg Roman while appointing former Georgia savant coach Todd Monken at the position. Baltimore has inked QB Lamar Jackson to the largest extension in the history of the NFL, giving him $260 million over the next five seasons.

Both men will also have a plethora of weapons at their disposal after the additions of veteran wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Nelson Agholor, the drafting of first-round wideout Zay Flowers, the (healthy) return of J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards to the backfield, and the presence of elite TE Mark Andrews to round up a ridiculously loaded offense.

What could go wrong here, folks? Well, according to Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports there is a potential "Nightmare Scenario" looming in Baltimore: what if Monken’s scheme and Jackson’s talents aren’t a good fit together? Here is what Schwab wrote in his preview of the Baltimore Ravens season.

"Todd Monken is a good offensive coordinator. Lamar Jackson is a tremendous quarterback. But what if Monken’s scheme and Jackson’s talents aren’t a good fit together? Jackson has been in an offense that accentuated what he does best as a quarterback. If this is a bad fit between scheme and player, it will set the Ravens back. They’ll have to figure out how to adjust, and that’s not easy during a season. And few teams rely on their quarterback more heavily than the Ravens. If Jackson struggles, so will they."

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports

Every move comes with a risk, that's for sure, and flipping OC definitely could havea huge impact in the results of a professional team, let alone one playing in the highest competitive football league in the world.

The offense of the Ravens, as good as it's been for a few years under the guidance of Roman, was starting to get a little stagnant following Lamar Jackson's MVP season in 2019. Thus, Baltimore decided to sign the supremely talented and winning coach of the Georgia Bulldogs looking to spart the ultimate winning flame.

Of course, Schwab knows this and he made sure to point out that "Monken is a good OC" while "Jackson is a tremendous QB." But will they gel? Will the partnership work to an extent that fulfills the Flock Nation's expectations? That's an entirely different question, and we won't have the definitive answer until September or, most probably next winter.

It is obvious that Jackson will need to perform to his baseline talent level if the Ravens want to get even remotely close to the championship game in February, and Monken will be a key piece to make that happen.

On a more positive beat, Schwab included a "Best-Case Scenario" next to the one presented above, saying that there is a chance "opening up the offense unlocks a new level for [Jackson]," considering Monken is expected to bring more passing plays to the playbook while ditching the constant rushing and scrambling.

As Schwab wrote, the foundation of the Ravens "is in place" to be very good, and "if Jackson fits the new offense well, they're Super Bowl contenders." You bet!

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