Can the Cleveland Browns Save the Baltimore Ravens?


While the Cleveland Browns limped to the finish of their most successful season in recent years, the Ravens were smacked around for the majority of the year, and now seek immediate help at head coach, quarterback, and hope for the Charm City fan base.

And who would’ve thunk it? The little AFC North team that could might just be the answer to most of the Baltimore Ravens problems.

The Ravens have added Browns’ offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski to their list of candidates for the head coaching position, and the Browns are openly entertaining offers for QB stud and former Raven Derek Anderson, who led the Browns to a 10-6 record, an inch of the playoffs, and an alternate role in the 2008 NFL Pro Bowl.

As these Browns look to be the best franchise in position to help out the team formerly know as the Browns, let’s take a look back at how their provision of new life for the Ravens would be a debt well owed.

Along with Anderson, running back Jamal Lewis, cornerback Gary Baxter, tight end Darnell Dinkins,and punter Dave Zastudil are all transplanted Ravens, brought in by former Ravens director of player personnel and current Browns senior vice president and general manager Phil Savage.

Phil shouldn’t sham on the talent. If he was able to pick up our guys and integrate them into a system that works, throw a couple of bones back to the Ravens. I’m sure the Dawg Pound can spare an all-pro caliber QB and his play caller.

Is that too much to ask?