Should The Ravens Have Drafted Colt Brennan?


With the preseason finally out of sight and still fresh in our minds, the Baltimore Ravens are facing a bigger question at quarterback than they have in recent seasons. First round draft choice Joe Flacco has been thrust into the spotlight much earlier than we thought he would be, and has been okay given the circumstances of a patchwork offensive line and having the jitters of a rookie quarterback in the NFL.

We all knew he was the quarterback of the future, but it seems around town that many people hesitate to dub him the quarterback of right now. His time with the first team hasn’t exactly been visions of Johnny Unitas, and with Kyle Boller’s season on the brink and Troy Smith battling what must been Avian Flu, it appears Flacco will be a go from Week 1.

And with that being the case, with all of the quarterbacks we had an opportunity at getting in the draft, could it be possible that a different draft direction would have changed the feeling around the Ravens current offensive woes?

Say, if the team headed west and scooped Colt Brennan from the University of Hawaii?

I first suggested this notion back in early December, when Brennan was the talk of the college football world and a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. I believed then that his ability would be a perfect fit for the Ravens system, given that Brian Billick was still coach at the time. I thought that Brennan’s strong suits were timed short routes to open up for deeper throws, and with the luxury of a good running game, the sky would be the limit for him and the Ravens a couple of years down the road.

I still believe that.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Flacco’s ability and think he will pan out for the Ravens sooner than later. But given the circumstances of the Raven’s quarterbacks, and the performances of Flacco and Brennan weighed against each other, isn’t it possible the Brennan would’ve been a better fit here for what the Ravens require now of their rookie?

Granted, Brennan has been operating against third-stringers in the preseason, but he also has looked a lot more poised and confident in his time on the field, with much better efficiency and output. Where Colt Brennan has been an easy button for the Redskins, Joe Flacco has been forced into the role of panic button for the Ravens anemic offense.

And maybe the Ravens would be in a better spot now if they had pushed a different button on draft day.