Ravens v Cowboys: First Look


First off, I am psyched for this game.  I will be totally WIRED tomorrow the whole day waiting for it to start.  I plan to have a live blog if the software works, which it should.

The Game:

I’m not gonna post an extensive preview here like last week’s, that’ll be coming sometime tomorrow morning or early afternoon.

Tony Romo has a back injury.  TO is (kinda) ticked off.  Troy Aikman will be in the house! The ‘Boyz will be nervous and the Ravens need to take advantage of that.  If the defense plays the way it did the first 55 minutes of the Steelers game, this game is over before it starts, but that’ll be hard to do.  Marion Barber is back in the lineup, and Tashard Choice is giving the Cowboys their own 3-headed monster like we have in B-More.  If Suggs, Ngata and Pryce can hit and toss around Romo early, his back might bother him, and if you’ve ever tried, throwing with a hurt back is PAINFUL.  I’m excited for this game, even more than the Monday night game vs the Steelers, and I was looking forward to that the whole summer.  Let’s hope for a better result.

P.S. I’m making purple rice krispie treats, that’s how friggin excited I am for this.