20 Reasons Why We Hate The Steelers


I found myself wondering why exactly we Ravens fans despise the Steelers so much.  So, I pulled an Abraham Lincoln and started jotting down ideas on a napkin.  Here is my final list of 20.

  1. They’re pretty good.  People always hate the successful
  2. Their city smells terrible
  3. Their color scheme is the color of acidic diarrhea
  4. Their city smells terrible
  5. Their quarterback somehow wins a lot of games even though he isn’t really that good a QB
  6. They always find the diamond in the rough coaches
  7. Their fans are stupid and crazy
  9. They don’t like crabs in Pittsburgh
  10. It’s the second best city in Pennsylvania.
  11. They have a hockey team in Pitt, and we don’t in B-More
  12. They turn former Ravens into NFL stars.  (Read: James Harrison)
  13. Their airport is lame
  14. Their stadium never had to be named for a net to catch urine in
  15. Pittsburgh just smells like crap
  16. Who are we gonna be challenged by? The Browns?
  17. The Pirates beat the Orioles in multiple World Series
  18. Alleghany County insists on always having a higher sales tax then Maryland. That is the definition of arrogance.
  19. We knocked out their starter in a game and let them start Mr. Big Giant Farting Ben.  They went 13-0 after he took over.
  20. It’s like 6 hours away.  There’s no point in visiting the state directly north of you if their second largest city is 6 hours away.  Also, why would you want to visit such a terribly-smelling city?