Vick’s First “Night Out”


Michael Vick is out of federal custody, and in his first night, he took a night out (hence the title) at a strip club with NBA over-the-hill free agent Allen Iverson.  Read this post at The Big Lead for a more detailed account of his night, while I continue writing the boring Michael Vick news and my opinion about this whole situation.  This incident comes in the same week that news came out that Vick would be meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell soon about reinstatement.  There is always an option to go the UFL, with former Bills 1st round pick J.P. Losman signing with Las Vegas, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a former player with hype/buzz around him joining a franchise in the league.  To be honest, I don’t have an opinion on the matter, or to be more clear, I really don’t care.  He served his time, but he hurt the league’s image among people who just watch the news and not any sports, and Goodell has a tough decision to make.  He won’t become any franchise’s QB of the future, or even the next two years, and although I’d guess that he’s still in relatively good shape, it can’t be anywhere close to his condition during his career.

The teams that I’ve heard mentioned in the Vick pursuit are New England, San Fran and Washington.  None of those would make a ton of sense for both parties, so even if Vick is reinstated, I think that he may end up in the UFL.  There.  My post about Michael Vick is done.  Let’s never care about this issue again.

Quick Ravens note: Apparently Willis McGahee has been working out with the second team in this week’s OTAs, and Ray Rice is the #1 tailback right now.