EbonyBird.com’s Ravens Award Week


First off, sorry for the slow nature of posts the last week.  It’ll pick up again.

Basically, the next week will be a week with daily posts of Ravens award winners, in our opinions.  The offseason series will be put on hold for a week, and once both this and the offseason series is complete, draft coverage will be in full swing.  Here’s the awards that will be announced, in this order:

  1. Top Rookie
  2. Top Newcomer (a veteran who was added this season)
  3. Most Improved Player
  4. Best Individual Performance (in one game)
  5. Play of The Year
  6. Special Teams MVP
  7. Defensive MVP
  8. Offensive MVP
  9. Team MVP

A couple of the awards will be bunched together, like the first two, Top Rookie and Top Newcomer, which will be going up tomorrow.