News & Notes: Cinco de Mayo Edition!


Happy 5th of May to all of you who enjoy celebrating Mexican holidays that aren’t actually what you think they are. The Q&A is still on hold, so we’ve got a couple of Ravens topics to touch on.

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Ed Reed may or may not have had hip surgery.

That’s pretty much it. Reed may or may  not have had surgery on his hip this offseason. The only thing we know is that it was a “procedure”. Nobody knows if it was surgery, and I don’t think anybody really cares. Mainly, it means he’s back. Now, I wouldn’t bet the mortgage on his return, because betting a mortgage on anything is far beyond stupid, but think about it.  Why would he get a “procedure” done if he wasn’t coming back? Why would we even be discussing his presence at minicamp if he wasn’t planning to be part of the team next season? He said his main reason for considering retirement was injuries, hopefully this “procedure” buys him a couple more years.

The Ravens have installed a new field.

Also a very revealing headline. The team has installed new turf, which is supposedly a bump up from the old turf. This installation comes less than a month before M&T Bank Stadium hosts the NCAA Lacrosse Championships and before the summer, when I’m sure the Maryland Stadium Authority is eager to host some events on the new field. Hopefully they’ve customized the field to Ray Lewis’ feet so that he gets twice the speed as usual when making tackles.

Reggie Smith tries out with the Ravens.

Smith is a wide receiver and kick returner from Division II program Elizabeth City State. He is 5’11”, 195 pounds and led his conference in all-purpose yards last season.  Some other stats include his 3 punt return TDs last season paired with a 20.2 yard punt return average and a 26.8 yard kick return average. He was invited to their minicamp, and if all goes well, he could get a spot on the team or the practice squad.