News & Notes: 6/7


Due to my coverage of the MLB Draft tonight, I wasn’t able to make the position outlook for the fullback group like I was planning. So instead, I’ll do what I do best…link out to other stuff that I didn’t write! It’s been a relatively slow day of Ravens news, but there is some link-worthy stuff happening.

Along with the links, we’ve got some blog news, including the full future order of the position outlook series.

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  • The big news: Jared Gaither signed a tender. This means he’ll be with the team for at least another season. As a restricted free agent, the Ravens were able to put a certain value on Gaither if another team wanted to sign him. They decided he was worth a 1st-round pick, so in technical terms, they placed a “1st-round tender” on the big offensive tackle from Maryland.
  • For some not-as-good news, the Ravens have been forced to cancel the rest of their offseason camp because they “violated the CBA”.  Apparently the drills were too intense and the players spent too much time with the team. While it’s only a week, that’s a week less the team has to prepare for the season. No Fun League indeed.
  • MK Rob has a quick little write-up about David Reed. The whole thing is just a long quote from John Harbaugh, but it’s very informative and good to read, seeing what Harbaugh has to say about Reed. Remember, I predicted Reed to make the roster, so hopefully he’ll come through for me. Here’s a little snip-it of Harbaugh’s quote:

"I thought he caught everything today that I noticed. He made some radius catches, you know, low catches, high catches, behind-the-back-type stuff.”"

Now for the thing I know you all love the most: Blog News! In the next few weeks, the pages on the top bar will have a major makeover. Gone will be the Mock Draft and Watch List pages, and emerging will be a couple pages with dropdown menus that will include position battles, viral posts, depth charts and fantasy football coverage. We’ll also have a “Game Database”, where for each game on the schedule, the game preview, recap and live coverage will be linked.  When these go live, you will know. Oh believe me, you definitely will know.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet Ravens day. We’ll have a couple more position outlooks this week, starting with fullback. The order will go as follows:

  1. Fullback
  2. Offensive Tackle
  3. Offensive Guard
  4. Center
  5. Defensive End
  6. Defensive Tackle
  7. Inside Linebacker
  8. Outside Linebacker
  9. Cornerback
  10. Safety
  11. Kick/Punt Return
  12. Various Special Teams (Long snapper, kick coverage)
  13. Kicker, Punter (Sam Koch!!)