NFL Players Are Reviewing Proposed CBA


"Player leadership is discussing the most recent written proposal with the NFL, which includes a settlement agreement, deal terms and the right process for addressing recertification. There will not be any further NFLPA statements today out of respect for the Kraft family while they mourn the loss of Myra Kraft. – NFL Player Association President Kevin Mawae"

Everyone was expecting the players to vote on the CBA proposed by owners yesterday but that did not happen. Rumors spread stating that they would vote today but that didn’t hold water. In fact, the players don’t plan on voting until after this weekend. Although many people expected the lockout to be over within the last 48 hours, they may need to wait a bit longer. The Hall of Fame game has already been canceled and we may miss the first week of preseason if a deal isn’t agreed upon by Wednesday. The biggest stepping stone in getting a deal together is reforming the NFLPA as a union. Once this is achieved, the two parties can finally collectively bargain.

One fact remains is that we are closer then we have ever been. Reports have said that the players agree with the majority of the proposed deal and not much more would need to be done to finalize it. Stay tuned and check back with EbonyBird to receive the latest updates on the lockout and CBA negotiations. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.