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Jaguars vs. Ravens Interview


Andrew Hofheimer, editor of FanSided’s Jaguars blog Black&Teal, and myself exchanged questions about the Jaguars vs. Ravens matchup. Our previous post was his answers to my questions. To see my response to his questions, click here. Here’s a sample below:

"Andrew Hofheimer: What do you guys think of Joe Flacco? After his rookie year, has he continued to progress at the rate Ravens fan and media thought he would? Is he undoubtedly the future in Baltimore?Riley Babcock: I still haven’t made up my mind on Joe Flacco. He’ll blow me away one week and then look like a high school quarterback the next. His consistancy is the biggest issue but the most important thing is that he’s winning. I was expecting him to take the next step last year but he disappointed me. I’ve noticed a vast improvement this year and I think he’s on the right track. He wont completly take over games like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, but I would take him over a lot of the other QBs in the league. He’s definitely the future in Baltimore. He will probably never reach “elite quarterback” status but if the Ravens can take Trent Dilfer to a Super Bowl, I think their chances of taking Joe there are pretty good."

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