What will the Ravens do without Lewis on Thanksgiving?


When anyone thinks of the Ravens, they think of Ray Lewis. The twelve time pro bowler is the unspoken leader of this number one defense and his potential absence will be felt on Thursday night. If he can’t go, the Ravens must do as they did last week against the Bengals. Even if he can go, it is certain he will not be one-hundred percent, yet his presence on the field is unmistakable. Lewis is better than anything else the Ravens have to offer. The Ravens would potentially sub out Lewis more during the game as well. This is not common sight to see as Lewis has played almost every play this season before last week. One thing is certain though; that the Ravens are better off with Lewis on the field. A win against Harbaugh (Jim of course), would give a nice cushion for the division and continue the Ravens undefeated home record. If Lewis can go, I believe it will be business as usual for the Ravens. If Lewis can’t, it could go either way. Let’s hope he goes…

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