Ravens 3 Best/Worst Match-ups Week 6 vs. Cowboys


September 27, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens defensive end Haloti Ngata (92) tackles Cleveland Browns running back Chris Ogbonnaya (25) for a loss at M

The Cowboys are a matchup nightmare on paper. Their roster is extremely talented and chocked full of explosive playmakers. Their biggest problem is consistency which is personified by their leader and QB Tony Romo. Some weeks Romo looks like the best QB in the league, other weeks he looks like a disaster in cleats. So where does Romo fall In the matchup? Lets see.


3. Haloti Ngata vs. Cowboys OL- Through the first five games of the season Ngata has been on an absolute tear. He has single handily powered the Ravens pass rush and their run defense. The front seven around Ngata is in shambles, but Ngata has been by far the Ravens best defender. There isn’t any single player in the league who can block him, so expect the Cowboys to double or chip block Ngata on literally every single play in an attempt to neutralize him. Ngata may not make many splash plays, but he will be impacting plays all game long.

2. Joe Flacco vs. Cowboys Secondary- Flacco had a down game last week but that was due in large part to being sacked 4 times and pressured on nearly every play, that’s not even mentioning the Ravens six dropped passes in the game. I expect Flacco to have a nice rebound game at home against a secondary that is on track for just 4 team interceptions for the entire season.

1. Ed Reed vs. Tony Romo- Reed has had a very good season so far. He has 2 interceptions and another 2 fumbles recovered or forced. Reed has been making quarterbacks lives difficult for year and this season has been no exception. Expect Romo to limit his reads based on where Reed lines up pre snap. Like Ngata, Reed may or may not make any big plays but he will be impacting nearly every play in some manner.


3. Tony Romo vs. Ravens secondary- Ah the enigma that is Tony Romo. He is the first player ever to appear in both the best and worst match ups ever. Romo can look in the same class as Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady some weeks and then look more like Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell other weeks. That is why he finds himself in both categories here. Romo could be the Ravens best friend or he could be their worst enemy. Romo will almost singlehandedly decide the out one of this game based on his play.

2. Dez Bryant vs. Cary Williams- Cary Williams has gotten an undeserved bad rap this season as the Ravens weak link based on The yards he gives up. You can read this post on why that may be less true than you think. Even so, he has a very tough matchup this week. Bryant is maybe the most physically talented WR in the league but he doesn’t always play like it. Like Romo, Bryant is an extremely up and down player. He has trouble staying focused on the field and that can lead him to sloppy play. If he is having a good game though, look out Cary because it is.going to be a long game for you brother.

1. Demarcus Ware vs. Ravens OL- now we get to the Cowboys super stud OLB Demarcus Ware. Ware has 5 sacks in just 4 games so far this year and looks like he will maintain the insane production levels he has had his entire career. Ware is categorized as a linebacker but let’s not kid ourselves, this guy is a defensive end that plays from a two point stance. He is going to be rushing Flacco on nearly every play and the Ravens need to find a way to at least slow him down. If Ware has 3 or more sacks, the Cowboys will be nearly impossible to beat.