Ravens Thump Giants, Win AFC North


December 23, 2012;Baltimore, MD,USA;Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) runs by New York Giants linebacker Spencer Paysinger (52) and cornerback Jayron Hosley (28) at M

After three weeks of futility, the Ravens have finally awoken. Watch out NFL. If the Ravens play like they did today, on both sides of the ball, then there arent very many teams who are going to beat them, at home or on the road. Regular season or playoffs.

Today the Ravens looked like the Ravens we have been promised all year long. Dominant offensively, Suffocating defensive, Spot on on special teams. This was a dominant football team. The Giants are in a tailspin, but rest assured, this is a very good football team that the Ravens just grabbed by the throat and slowly squeezed the life out of.

The Ravens are now, once again, officially kings of the AFC North for the second year in a row. They are in the playoffs for the 5th consecutive year.

For all the naysayers and doubters that the Ravens have every season, including members of their own fan base, don’t pretend you believed this team would win this game all week, I know you didn’t, The Ravens just keep on winning. Usually the Ravens win ugly. Today it was beautiful. Every pass was pretty, every run was effective, the Defense was poetry in motion and suffocated the Giants potent offense.

This was the Ravens we were promised. This is the Ravens we have been waiting for for the past three years. Maybe they are finally showing up just in time for the Playoffs. maybe this was a one game thing, spurred on by desperation and powered by prognosticators unanimously counting them out(a group led by Terrell Suggs nemesis Skip Bayless of ESPN). Only time will tell. Either way, the Ravens still have a lot of work yet to do, they have a long road in front of them, but believe me, this team can win a Superbowl if they play the way they played today for the next 5 weeks.