Ravens Most Wanted: #5 DeAndre Hopkins


Dec 31, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Clemson Tigers wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (6) scores a touchdown against LSU Tigers safety Craig Loston (6) during the 2012 Chick-fil-A Bowl at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Its time to dust off an old classic, The Ravens most wanted list. Long time readers might remember this from the past 2 years. basically this is a list of what i think are the Ravens top five targets in the first and second rounds. We start at 5th target in the 2nd round and work our way all the way down to the number 1 first round target. Lets get it going!

Next up, a guy who may or may not have had his stock take a turn for the worse this week(depending on who you ask). Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins is pretty universally viewed as the safest WR in this draft. his floor is being a pretty good WR3. He may not have the elite game breaking upside of Keenan Allen, Cordarelle Patterson or Tavon Austin, but he is as close as it gets to a can’t miss WR. Hopkins is incredibly tough over the middle and has great hands. He reminds many of Anquan Boldin or Roddy White.

Hopkins had good production in college, and seems very likely to carry over much of that to the NFl game. he is the type of player that might be a better pro than he was a college player just because of his style of play.

Hopkins was a strong riser throughout the draft process. He ended the college season and a likely late second round player, but coming into draft week he is a near lock for the first round. That is, if you don’t believe he was guilty of trashing his combine hotel room. At least one GM believes Hopkins did it, it seems most believe that Hopkins is not lying when he says he was gone hours beforehand. I tend to believe Hopkins is telling the truth because Hopkins doesn’t seem stupid enough to have trashed his very traceable hotel room during the biggest weekend of his life so far.

There are some rumblings that the Rams are targeting either Tavon Austin or DeAndre Hopkins at 16, but the consensus is that Hopkins is a late first rounder. right in the Ravens range. I don’t think he is their first choice, but he would be a good pick and they will take him if a few other guys are gone.

Here Is the Rest of the Ravens most wanted. You can also check out the ebonybird.com draft page for more on the draft prospects.

Round 2

5. Sio Moore

4. Justin Pugh

3. Eric Reid

2. DJ Swearinger

1. Terron Armstead

Round 1

5. DeAndre Hopkins

4. Coming Tomorrow!

3. Coming 4/24/13!

2. Coming Draft Day Thursday!

1. Coming Draft Day Thursday!