Ravens at Steelers – Start, Sit and Predictions


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone can look and see that the Ravens offense isn’t really what you would consider a consistent offense. With Flacco not having a security blanket and no real go to target anymore deep down the field the offense just looks out of their groove that they should be in. But with the offense struggling or with the offense doing whatever you would like to call it, it isn’t time to just give up on the offense producing solid fantasy numbers.

And yes solid fantasy numbers doesn’t mean it was a very good game but it’s something to be proud about. This week against the Pittsburgh Steelers and their always tough and never give up attitude of a defense, you should consider starting Ray Rice over just about every other back there is. It doesn’t matter how tough the defense is or how bad they’re going to hit you and punish you, you can always rely on Ray Rice to produce and get a lot of carries.

Also, a very legit start spot this weekend would have to be veteran TE Dallas Clark. There are several media reports and fantasy experts saying he will have no room to work or no room to move around the field and find his spots in the defense but if you want to take a chance this week, go with Dallas Clark. He is a better option than anyone you can find on the waiver wire at this time of year.

The Ravens-Steelers rivalry is one of the best in sports, and one of the most exciting. But looking into my crystal ball, I see a 21-19 score with the Ravens coming out on top and Ray Rice scoring twice, once on the ground and once through the air.