Baltimore Ravens Grades, Carolina Panthers Edition

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Sep 28, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh looks on in the second quarter against the Carolina Panthers at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Coaching: A

Overall, some pretty great play calling from the Raven’s coaching staff. Even though it appeared at first glance that the team was passing a lot, they actually wound up with 30 rushing attempts and 31 passing attempts, so it was as close to even as it gets. Some of that was skewed by the big lead, of course, but the Ravens didn’t take their foot off the gas until late in the fourth quarter.

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On defense, the Ravens used the blitz effectively and generated good pressure while taking advantage of a run game that has been ravaged by injury. The Panthers offensive line is bad, particularly their tackles, but the Ravens still got the job done. Which is what good teams do.

Our biggest bone to pick is really with the fact that the safeties continue to fill in at the nickel position. It has been the biggest weakness of this defense so far, though much of the blame lies in the lingering injury of Lardarius Webb and the shallow depth at corner on the roster. With a lack of pass rush, this is something for teams to target going forward. You can only scheme away so much.