Baltimore Ravens 2015 Pending Free Agents

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The Ravens are on a bye week. I thought it was a perfect time to take a look at players who might be saying goodbye at the end of the season. I have assembled a list of all the Baltimore Ravens 2015 pending free agents.

You will see three terms used to describe a player’s status. ERFA; which means this is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent. This works like a right of first refusal. The team simply has to offer a contract and the team is awarded said player if a contract is agreed to. No other team can negotiate with this player until the original team has decided not to tender them a contract.

RFA; an abbreviation for Restricted Free Agent. This is a player who can be offered a contract tender. The amount of the tender determines what draft pick compensation is awarded if this player is signed elsewhere. Other teams can offer a contract and the original team is allowed to match the offer and keep the player.

The last term is UFA which is simply a player that is an Unrestricted Free Agent. This is a player that has no ties to his former team and is a true free agent. This player is free to sign with any team he wishes with no draft pick compensation or matching offers. I will start the list with these types of players.