Baltimore Ravens Logo Pancake Art: A New Gameday Breakfast Ritual


We’ve all heard of people who claim to see famous people or images in their food.  Some have even wound up on eBay, and there are those who even feel like their toast or pancake images have a “divine” presence.  But have you ever seen intentional pancake art?  We’re here to tell you that it is really a thing, and it is pretty amazing as well.

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Coming from a guy who can barely make his pancakes look like a circle, the kind of skill you will see in these videos is awfully impressive.  If I had these kind of talents, I would eat Ravens pancakes for breakfast every day.  Or at least on game days.  Heck, it could become some kind of good luck tradition.  “Oh, you didn’t eat your Ravens cakes this morning?  It’s your fault we lost.”

These amazingly realistic battered creations come to you courtesy of Nathan Shields, and you can spend the better part of the day checking out his talents at  Nathan seems capable of making just about anything armed with nothing more than some batter, a hot pan, and a spatula.  But I think you will agree that the best use of his talents comes from his football inspired creations.

You can check out our personal favorite, the Baltimore Ravens logo recreated in pancake form, coming to life in the video below.  You can also head on over to see the rest of the NFL team logos being whipped up.  Once you watch them all, be sure and go vote for your favorite. Which would be the Ravens, of course.  We just wonder if a victory tonight would taste as sweet as a stack of these bad boys with some real maple syrup.

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