2015 NFL Draft: One on One With Breshad Perriman


The Baltimore Ravens shocked a lot of people when they used their first round selection in the 2015 NFL Draft to take a wide receiver.  After all, it was something they hadn’t done since 2005, and only three times in team history.  But Ozzie and company were admittedly very high on the freakishly athletic Breshad Perriman, a guy who simply oozes upside.

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Opinions on the pick occupy pretty much every end of the spectrum, but I personally like the choice.  He’s a bigger, faster, and more athletic version of Torrey Smith who can run outs and be a field stretching deep threat from day one.  What he becomes after that will ultimately determine whether his selection in the first round will be seen as genius or just another miss.

FanSided is fortunate enough to have our office in Chicago, right down the street from this year’s draft. Our own Mark Carman stopped by to chat with the Ravens’ new number one wide receiver, discussing everything from Perriman’s ridiculous speed to his superior fashion sense (he does look pretty dapper, you must admit).  Check it out in it’s entirety below.

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