Top 100 Players of 2015: Are the Baltimore Ravens Done After Adding Elvis Dumervil?


Over half of the Top 100 Players of 2015 have been revealed and the Baltimore Ravens just keep on showing up. Elvis Dumervil came in at 46 last night, continuing the Ravens streak of having a player named every week, but also likely ending the Ravens representation on the list.

For the most part, I believe 46 is a relatively fair ranking, though Khalil Mack was just 3 spots behind Dumervil despite not having the same impact. I understand that he excelled in other areas and he did it all as a rookie, but Dumervil had a big effect in nearly every game on his way to breaking the Ravens franchise sack record with 17 sacks.

Dumervil did this largely as a role player, coming in on passing downs. I also think he should be higher than Mario Williams as he had more sacks, the same amount of forced fumbles, and there isn’t much difference in other stats. Furthermore, even when he didn’t directly effect the quarterback, he forced them to move in the pocket, and often into the arms of another Raven.

Since he joined the Ravens two years ago, Dumervil has become a formidable part of their defense, teaming up with Terrell Suggs to form one of the most productive pass rushing duos on the league. They’ve amassed 48.5 combined sacks in two years.

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Dumervil has also been a leader for the defense while becoming a fan favorite with his iconic ‘DOOOOM’ chant. If he can continue to perform as he has, the Ravens defense will continue to be regarded as one of the best.

Dumervil now gives the Ravens 7 current players on the list, tying the team’s best mark set in 2012. However, if you include Haloti Ngata as a Ravens player, then they are tied with the Seahawks for the highest number of players on the list with 8, which is a pretty cool achievement.

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