Daily Caw: Concerns About Terrell Suggs Overblown, Ravens’ Drama Free Offseason


Jan 3, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA USA; Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs (55) celebrates with linebacker Daryl Smith (51) after an interception during an AFC wild card playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. The Ravens defeated the Steelers 30-17. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Daily Caw, where we round up all the latest Baltimore Ravens news from around the web.  Today we look forward to a (thus far) drama free offseason from the normally tumultuous roster, sum up why the concerns about Terrell Suggs are unnecessary, and discover that a fight between Ray Lewis and the Rock almost happened.

No more drama!Tony Lombardi, Russell Street Report

"What might the Ravens players do with their free time over the next 5 weeks? Young players who have means will explore the inviting playgrounds of summer. Some may slip and place their jobs in jeopardy and we’ll criticize them for potentially ruining a chance of a lifetime.Yet who are we to judge?More on the off-the-field drama at the play button below…"

DE Chris Canty impressed with young linemenGarrett Downing, BaltimoreRavens.com

"All but one of the 13 defensive linemen are 26 or younger.Chris Canty, 32, is the “old head” of the group, and the veteran likes what he sees.“They’re really taking the next step,” Canty said. “I’m excited about all the young guys who are on defensive line. It’s a tremendous collection of talent, a lot of guys that can do a lot of different things.”"

Concerns about Suggs are overblownTony Lombardi, Russell Street Report

"This week when Suggs reported to camp in less than ideal shape, eyebrows raised and suddenly worrisome thoughts crept in about Suggs’ ability to duplicate his productive 2014. How could a perceived leader show through his physical condition or lack thereof, such a nonchalant attitude?Admittedly Suggs’ conditioning is disappointing. Maybe there were circumstances that prevented him from training the way he has in the past. Perhaps the emotional trauma of divorce weighed too heavily on him. We don’t know and might never know.But what is important is how Suggs prepares for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on September 13. That’s what matters most."

Ray Lewis almost fought with ‘The Rock’ at WrestlemaniaGarrett Downing, BaltimoreRavens.com

"During an interview last week with Dan Patrick, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed that Lewis came close to participating in a match during the WWE’s marquee event, WrestleMania. The match would have been in the WWE’s heyday, when The Rock and “Stone Cold Steve Austin” were household names.“We’d gotten very close with having a big match, bringing in Ray Lewis,” Johnson said, via The Baltimore Sun. “And we were gonna have a big tag-team match with myself, Ray Lewis as tag-team partners against whoever the top heels were at the time.”"

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