Baltimore Ravens: Five Players Set to Disappoint in 2015

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There’s a reason that we often refer to the NFL as the “Not For Long” league.  Every year means turnover, whether that be last year’s division winners going from first to worst or teams in the basement pulling it together and posting a winning season.  The same goes for players.  Some break out only to fall from grace the next season.  Others come out of nowhere to become Pro Bowlers.

The Baltimore Ravens are no exception to these rules.  Who knew Rick Wagner and Justin Forsett were going to be two of the best at their respective positions last season?  Who thought that Torrey Smith wouldn’t clear 800 yards in his contract year?  Certainly no one expected Steve Smith to lead the team in receiving yards.

So as we get ready for another exciting football season, who can we expect to regress in 2015? Depending on how you define “disappoint,” the answer will vary.  In this exercise, we’ll say that any player who doesn’t come close to matching their production in the prior season will be a disappointment. Not just a close shave, but a statistically significant drop in numbers.

This is sure to be a debatable and controversial exercise, so be sure and let me know how wrong (or right?) I am in the comments below.  Click next to start the speculation!

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