Joe Flacco set to have his best season ever?


Jul 30, 2015; Owings Mills, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) drops back to pass during day one of training camp at Under Armour Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Numbers, as they say, don’t lie.  And the numbers posted by Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco have slowly and steadily improved over each of his seven NFL seasons.  2014 produced what was, at least statistically, his finest season.

Everyone expected improvement from Flacco given his work with known quarterback guru Gary Kubiak, who has turned lesser talents into Pro Bowlers in his long career as a coach.  The Ravens replaced Kubiak with another noted worker of quarterbacking magic – Marc Trestman.

Trestman is best known for his work with Jay Cutler and the Bear’s offense over the last two seasons. But over his ten year career in the NFL as a playcaller, Trestman has produced a top 5 offense in 5 of those seasons.

In 2013, the Bears had the NFL’s 2nd ranked offense, and followed up in 2014 by dropping down to 21st amid a complete implosion and much controversy in Chicago.  But Trestman’s work with Jay Cutler can’t be ignored.

For a guy who often seems bored and uninterested on the field, Trestman maximized Cutler’s talent and led him to his two best seasons since 2009/2010.  Even working behind one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines, Trestman managed to right the offensive ship.

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So can he help Joe Flacco continue his upward trajectory in 2015?  It’s a pretty safe bet.  Flacco didn’t make leaps and bounds in regards to yardage in 2014, but he posted the third highest completion percentage of his career (62.1, best since 2010), and by far the best QB rating (67.0).

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Gary Kubiak helped Flacco become a more efficient quarterback and took a ton of pressure off of him by reestablishing a dominant offense line and running game.  Those two factors are intact once again for 2015, and the Ravens’ offensive skill players are arguably better as well.

There’s really nothing holding Joe Flacco back from his slow ascension up the quarterback ranks.  While much will hinge on the development of rookies Breshad Perriman and Maxx Williams, Flacco has enough proven veterans to lean on to set new career marks in 2015.

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