Ravens: 2015 among toughest schedules since 2008

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The Baltimore Ravens are set to have another tough schedule this season, which is probably welcomed amongst that organization given its element of toughness. The purple and black are no strangers to challenge and despite their success since head coach John Harbaugh took the job in 2008, it’s been a tough road for them as they’ve been tested year after year.

However, no matter what the Ravens have been up against they’ve seemed to embrace that grind-it-out aspect that comes along with playing in the NFL. It’s that mentality that keeps them in the mix even when odds don’t appear to be piling up in their favor.

Nonetheless, this year’s schedule will present a new set of challenges for Baltimore as they’ll be struck by some tough match ups right out the gate, starting their season on the road against the Denver Broncos. And how ironic is it that they’ll be facing two guys in their regular season opener who were on their side of the coin last season; tight end Owen Daniels and new head coach Gary Kubiak.

The Ravens have managed to make it to the playoffs six times since Harbaugh and Joe Flacco joined forces and they had some rough journeys to those postseason appearances with a few tough schedules mixed in there. We’ll have to wait and see if the Ravens are prepared to face another daunting schedule as they will try to make it seven playoff appearances in eight seasons.

That said, we’ve put together a slideshow to outline some of the tough schedules the Ravens have faced in the past, including the one they’re now about to face.

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