Ravens Fans React: Week 3 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals


The Baltimore Ravens are 0-3 for the first time in franchise history. There is absolutely nothing good that can be said after that for such a prideful and successful organization with a passionate fan base that’s used to winning in a convincing fashion.

However, “winning in a convincing fashion” seems to be a struggle for the 2015 Baltimore Ravens. Before this week 3 game at home versus the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens were the only team in NFL history to have NEVER start a season 0-3.

Now, that trend has been broken. But what’s not broken is the fiery passion of Ravens Nation. Win, lose or draw, Ravens Nation will make their position known.

After that devastating loss where hopes of a win seemed inevitable until just under 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter, this is how Ravens Nation was feeling:

Wow and ouch at the same time. This stench of losing can be best described like the great Ron Burgundy once said, it “stings the nostrils”.

As many holes as there are that need plugging on this team, there’s one who is just looking for a hole to run through. This fan says it best:

I’d have to say this is the most disappointing aspect of the offense this season thus far. Though there is a lot of concern if Breshad Perriman will play, much less be productive for us, but Justin Forsett showed us last season that he was worthy of a commitment. But right now it doesn’t seem like he’s living up to his end of the bargain.

So what now? What’s next? We know the Steelers are next but what’s next for the Baltimore Ravens? What needs to happen? This fan said it best, we need to play great football.

I too, would like to be proved wrong. Is this a temporary setback or are we, Ravens and Ravens fans alike, headed for darker days?

This one face, sums up Ravens Nation at the current moment:

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