Ravens Fans React: Week 5 vs. the Browns


The last time the Ravens started a season with 5 of their first 8 games on the road, they finished that stretch at 4-4 but ended the season at 5-11.   That season concluded with a 9-game losing streak and, ironically, it included an overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns with a score of 33-30 at M&T Bank Stadium.

Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?

The year was 2007. This was also the year that Brian Billick was given his walking papers at the end of the season.

When the Ravens ushered in this season to celebrate 20 seasons in Baltimore, I’m sure there was nothing in the plans to celebrate it by replicating the week-to-week of the inaugural season as well. A season in which the Ravens finished 4-12, which is still to this day the worse season in franchise history.

Judging by these last 5 games, this season is looking like it may take the reigns, unless some type of aggressive, head-turning change happens and happens very soon.

One thing that doesn’t change, is the sure fact that Ravens fans will react! Here are some excerpts of what fans had to say regarding yesterday’s overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns at home and the 4th loss of the season.

First, things were looking very well!

Then, well…. you know.

Then things just went to 10!

I can’t dispute a single thing being said here. The defense has let us down in not being able to finish and close these games. This is a similar problem to the one the Ravens had in 2007, which they finished 5-11 thanks to the defense not being able to close games in the 4th quarter.

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Ravens fans have had 7 years of continued success that has culminated in winning records, playoff wins, AFC title game appearances, and a Super Bowl. However, the struggles, the changes, and the losses over the last 3 years and mostly this particular season could have a fan wondering if the dark days of the franchise are approaching.

Have the Ravens lost their championship luster? Is the coaching staff out of touch with what a true winning formula is in today’s NFL?  Are the players not living up to their potential and expectations on the field for 60 minutes? Or, as most may agree, is it the lack of vocal leadership and genuine brotherhood that appears to have been the absent since the night of February 3rd, 2013?

Stay tuned….

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