Writers Wanted: Become A Part Of The Ebony Bird Team


Do you love the Baltimore Ravens? Do you bleed purple? Share your passion with the world at The Ebony Bird. Are you an aspiring sportswriter? The FanSided Network is a big platform that can reach thousands of readers a day. Are you looking for a hobby instead? Writing about your favorite team can be very rewarding and it can fit into your busy schedule?

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All it takes to be successful on my team here at The Ebony Bird is passion. Its one simple word that solves every problem in the world. Ebony Bird staff writers will be asked to write 2-3 posts a week at minimum. Posts must be 250 words or more and they must be worth reading. I want to make The Ebony Bird the go to source for Ravens fans and we will only accomplish this with talented writers bringing their A game.

So you’re probably thinking that you don’t have time or that you cannot come up with ideas to write about, right? What if I told you that once you get the system down you can do a quality post quickly to fit it into your daily routine. Furthermore I will provide you with ideas and assignments.

This is a great opportunity to get started in the world of sports journalism. If nothing else, writing for The Ebony Bird will be a fun way to build your writing portfolio. What is more fun about writing about your favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens? Here is the link to the application: Apply Here