Baltimore Ravens: What is Biggest Team Need?


The Baltimore Ravens are 5-10 and obviously have a lot of concerns going into the 2015 NFL draft. The Ravens have several areas of need, but what should be the priority this offseason?

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The Ravens problems boil down to three areas of (somewhat) desperate need. The Ravens need to figure out the left tackle position, must get Joe Flacco a top flight receiver and must patch up the secondary. The Ravens must keep this in mind when going through free agency and the NFL Draft.

The problem on the offensive line could take care of itself. If the Ravens get a healthy Eugene Monroe next season he could be good enough at left tackle. If the Ravens retain the services of the talented Kelechi Osemele, they would have a lot more options up front. Therefore the Ravens must re-sign Osemele so they can focus on the receiving corps and the secondary.

The Ravens have a history of either ignoring top wide receiver talent in the draft or overstocking at other positions. The Ravens cannot be afraid to draft a great wide receiver. The Ravens will have a couple of chances to get a star receiver in the draft. Laquan Treadwell is the best receiver in this draft class, if he falls to the Ravens they must draft him. Another great option is Josh Doctson who could realistically be there for the Ravens in round 2. Doctson is a TCU prospect that looks like a young Anquan Boldin.

Jalen Ramsey is the Ravens best chance to fix the secondary. The Florida State cornerback may be gone before the Ravens draft. At the moment the Ravens have the eighth pick and Ramsey is a top 5 talent. It may be wise to look to NFL free agency for a solution.

To me this is a rare opportunity for the Ravens to give Flacco a great set of weapons. If the Ravens draft a top receiver and Breshad Perriman actually lives up to the hype all the sudden Flacco will have a great offense around him. Imagine having two young and speedy superstars and Steve Smith Sr., it would be amazing.

If the Ravens choose to fix the secondary you cannot blame them. When a wound keeps oozing blood you better cover it up and put some pressure on it. I just think getting Joe some weapons is important and this is a rare chance to do it.