Terrell Suggs: Is He A Future Hall Of Famer?


Terrell Suggs could potentially see two of his former teammates go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the coming years. Ray Lewis is eligible for induction in 2018. Ed Reed will likely be enshrined in Canton in 2019. Will Suggs be the next Ravens legend in line for enshrinement.

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Terrell Suggs has had an amazing career. With 106.5 sacks Suggs ranks 24th all time in quarterback sacks. There are several hall of fame players with fewer sacks than Suggs. Warren Sapp had 96.5 sacks. Andre Tippett had 100 and Charles Haley recorded 100.5 sacks. Howie Long is in the Hall of Fame with 84 sacks. There is no officially requirement in terms of sack totals, but Suggs surely qualifies.

Suggs was the defensive rookie of the year in 2003. In 2011 he was honored as the defensive player of the year. The former Arizona State linebacker has been elected to six Pro Bowls and is a Super Bowl champion. Not only has he managed to be one of the league’s most feared pass rushers, but he is one of the most complete players.

There seem to be three factors for making the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a player. First unless you’re an offensive lineman the stats matter. The bar of greatness has been set and it is hard to measure up. Secondly you need longevity. It’s not enough to be amazing for a short time. Hall of Famers must consistently be a top-tier player at their position. Finally a Hall of Fame player has to be so memorable that you couldn’t write  the history of the game without them.

On all three unofficial pre-requisites, Suggs gets a check mark. He has over one hundred sacks and he has been a key player for the Ravens since 2003. Nobody could possibly be more memorable than the man referred to as “Sizzle.”

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Suggs is qualified to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, one day. He has been a special playmaker for the Ravens. He transformed from a raw pass rushing specialist to a well rounded leader equipped high football IQ. Years from now, when the time comes Suggs will hopefully be a first ballot hall of famer. No matter what happens, he is more than deserving.