Why The Steelers Should Fear The Ravens


The worst team in Baltimore Ravens history swept the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens have won three games against the Steelers in a row, including a 2014 playoff game in Pittsburgh. The Ravens have claimed victory in eight of the last eleven games against their arch rival. Since 2010 the Ravens are 9-5 against the Steelers. That’s what I would call purple reign in this battle of AFC North foes.

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There was a time when the Ravens couldn’t beat the Steelers. No matter what Ben Roethlisberger and company would squeak out of the game with a narrow victory. In fact in the beginning of the Joe Flacco era, the Steelers won six of eight games. In many of those games a Troy Polamalu induced Flacco meltdown resulted in the Steelers prevailing. Flacco flipping the script was key to the current Ravens run against the Steelers.

When Flacco marched the Ravens 92 yards in Heinz Field for the game winning touchdown in 2011 (completing the Ravens season sweep of the Steelers) the power shifted (and it was obvious). The Ravens stopped dreading their games against the Steelers and began enjoying the opportunity to knock Pittsburgh down a notch.

The Steelers were in the Ravens head. Now the Ravens are in the Steelers head. How else can you explain Mike Tomlin’s reduced decision-making against the Ravens. In the first game of 2015 he went for it on 4th down instead of attempting a game winning field goal.

In the second game the Steelers did exactly what the Ravens wanted them to do, allowing Baltimore’s strengths control the game. Roethlisberger could have easily eviscerated that team but the Ravens got in the Steelers head. Why would Tomlin step onto the field slowing down Jacoby Jones in 2013? It happened no matter how many times Tomlin denied it. Since the Ravens won the game any way it is hilarious but yeah…it happened.

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The Steelers should be terrified of the Ravens right now because John Harbaugh has Tomlin’s number. He has him and his team pegged. The Steelers got swept by a team that invented ways to be horrible this past season. The Ravens aren’t going to be that bad next year, you can bet on it right now. The Ravens are going to keep coming at the Steelers with everything they have. There is no fear of the Steelers in Baltimore anymore. The Steelers fans may not want to admit it but there are Ravens in their nightmares, I am sure.