Baltimore Ravens Flashback: 2003


A Special Reason For This Baltimore Ravens Flashback:

The Maryland Terrapins College Basketball tam are in the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2003. As we prepare to root them on, I thought we’d take a look back at the year 2003 in Baltimore Ravens Football. Before getting into football, I just want to say that Kansas better fear the turtle!

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Now that we have that out of the way what was 2003 like for the Baltimore Ravens? The Ravens drafted one of their greatest players that year in Terrell Suggs. They also drafted Kyle Boller, proving that Ozzie Newsome and company aren’t perfect. One of the most underrated picks in that draft was Jarrett Johnson, who went on to be one of the Ravens most consistent players. Suggs and Johnson were a great outside linebacker duo for a long time.

The Ravens defense was dominant in 2003 under defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But for the first time, a Ravens offensive player outshined the Ravens defense. Jamal Lewis had one of the greatest performances of all time, rushing for 2,066 yards that year.

The 2003 Ravens went 10-6, winning the AFC North for the first time. The season began with a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is about as ominous of a start possible. Things turned around for the Ravens in week 2. The Ravens hosted the Cleveland Browns. Jamal Lewis went off for 295 yards, which at the time was the single game rushing record.

After back to back losses the Ravens got red hot in week 12. They won five of their last six regular season games. It started with an amazing 17 point fourth quarter comeback against the Seattle Seahawks. Anthony Wright had taken over for an injured Kyle Boller and the offense started to find a groove. After their stunning comeback against the Seahawks the Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 44-6. It might have been the most exciting two weeks in Ravens history.

In the playoffs, head coach Brian Billick decided to turn back to Kyle Boller. It felt like the wrong move then and it still does. The Ravens lost an overtime game to the Tennessee Titans in their first home playoff game. It was a rough ending to a great season.

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Tonight Maryland stands behind their Terrapins, hoping not to see a bitter end to their season. If the Terps win, they will be one of the last eight teams remaining. Stand up and believe Maryland! Let’s go Terps!