Ravens: Trading Back Still Makes Sense


Ravens: Trading Back Could Still Behoove The Roster

Bill Parcells once said that if you want him to do the cooking, you have to let him do the shopping. Well the St. Louis Rams just gave the Tennessee Titans a big shopping cart full of draft picks. The Ravens may not get as many draft groceries, but if they can get a decent haul, trading the sixth overall pick still makes sense.

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The Rams made things interesting. It insures that a quarterback is going off the draft board first. If two quarterbacks get taken in the top four picks, there will be plenty of ideal options for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Ravens who don’t need a QB. If a guy like Jalen Ramsey is there it would be almost impossible not to draft the superstar.

But if top talent survives the top 5 picks, teams with needs may lose their heads. The teams that need an offensive tackle, may desperatley try to switch places with Baltimore. Maybe a team desperate for defensive help makes a move. Either way the Ravens are looking at a good bit of compensation for their trouble.

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The precedent would have the Ravens trading the sixth overall pick for no less than two first round picks and a little extra sweetening of the deal. Imagine that a team offers the Ravens a swap of first round picks, a second (and or) third rounder and next year’s first. Now how would the Ravens pass up on a trade like that for any one player?

The Ravens sit in almost perfect position in the draft. While it would be nicer to be closer to the top pick, let’s not forget that Newsome and DeCosta are sitting pretty at the sixth slot. The Ravens either get a top 10 talent or they get a trade that can help build the future.

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More and more it looks like the Ravens intend to use the sixth overall pick. The point I am making is that the Ravens can still trade this thing away. Trading back is never off the table with Newsome as the team’s GM. We’ve seen it before.