Elvis Dumervil Will Win 2016 Defensive Player Of The Year


J.J. Watt Is Not The Only Player Who Can Win This Award…

My prediction for the 2016 defensive player of the year is Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil is one of the most athletic edge rushers in the NFL. In a revamped Baltimore Ravens defense, he will have a career year.

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Last season Dumervil only had six sacks. This makes my prediction a bold one. Dumervil played just as well as he did in 2014 when he had 17 sacks. Dumervil’s effort did not change. His talent did not diminish. The only thing that changed was the veteran linebacker’s situation. When Terrell Suggs went down, Dumervil had to do a lot more than just rush the passer.

Dumervil is still capable of having a monster season, with sack totals that rank at the top of the NFL. Without Suggs not only did he have to be a more well rounded player, but he also saw a lot more double teams.

The Ravens have completely reloaded the front seven of their defense. Terrell Suggs is expected to come back from his brutal injury. Kamalei Correa looks like he could be something special off the edge. Matt Judon, Willie Henry and Bronson Kaufusi are also exciting additions. Don’t forget about Za’Darius Smith.

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The Ravens have had the Defensive Player of the year five times. Ray Lewis won the award in three different seasons. Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs have also earned the award. The Ravens have clearly focused on defense this off-season. It would seem only fitting that this focus could result in Elvis Dumervil being the Defensive Player Of the Year.

The Ravens now have many players who can rush the passer. This creates an opportunity for their best pass rusher to be unstoppable. If Dumervil has 20 sacks or more in 2016, it would not be shocking at all.

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Dumervil has had two seasons with 17 sacks. This is his chance to set a new career high in take downs of the quarterback. With plenty of help around him, it will be hard for Ravens opponents to stop Dumervil.