Joe Flacco Needs To Step Up In 2016


Ravens Need Playoff Flacco All Season Long

At this point in his career, Joe Flacco is who he is. He is a franchise quarterback who you can win a Super Bowl with. He’s not perfect, but he’s our guy. There are some things that will never change in his game, but he has to step up in 2016.

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The frustrating interceptions are going to happen from time to time. He’ll have great days and some not so fun ones. Nobody is perfect and everyone has throws they wish they could have back. But Flacco needs to elevate his performance to be his very best throughout the season.

When Flacco is at his best he is amazing. For example, in the 2012 Super Bowl run he was unstoppable. He threw for 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in the playoffs. That tied a record held by Kurt Warner and Joe Montana.

Flacco is always at his best in the post season. It’s not that he’s a bad quarterback in the regular season, but he comes alive in the playoffs. Baltimore fans are glad that he steps up in the big games, but it would be nice to see that advanced play for the entire season. The regular season is like Flacco Light, but the Ravens get it at the same price and are a little less satisfied.

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The best Flacco moments are a thing to behold. The ball zips out of his hand like it’s on a rope. He is unstoppable when he’s feeling it. He’s just really good in the regular season. He has one or two agonizing games a season where he can’t get it going. But the lowest moments are far from the postseason. He’s one of the best playoff quarterbacks of all time.

He has won more playoff games on the road than any quarterback in NFL history. He has playoff stats that are worth bragging about. He’s a Super Bowl MVP. He is a NFL playoffs legend no matter how you slice it.

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The question becomes how do you get playoff Joe in the regular season? That has to be the goal. We know what Flacco is capable of. He can play as well as anybody in the game. Too Flacco’s credit, he does it when he absolutely has to. But if he wants to climb the elite ladder of NFL quarterback play, he needs to be elite all year-long.