Dennis Pitta Sprains Finger In Fight


A minor injury for Dennis Pitta, a player used to major injuries…

According to reports by Jeff Zerbiec of the Baltimore Sun Dennis Pitta sprained his finger. It happened at the Ravens open practice at M&T Bank Stadium. Pitta and rookie linebacker, Kamalei Correa, got into an altercation.

It is not a big deal. Pitta will miss some time but it won’t be long. It’s frustrating news. It’s not what you want to see. According to all accounts Pitta and Joe Flacco picked up where they left off. If two season ending hip injuries can’t derail their connection.

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This does raise the question, do the Ravens have a discipline problem? This was not the first fight of camp. Fights aren’t always a bad thing, and sometimes their inevitable. Fights can release boiled up frustration and help with chemistry. That being said, fights that cause injuries rule out any positive side affects.

According to Zerbiec’s report, Pitta was angry about hits after the whistle. It makes sense that Pitta would be a little touchy after his injuries. He doesn’t want a late hit to injure him. Ironically his frustration injured his finger.

Pitta’s injury is not big news, but it is news. It is concerning, but not overwhelming. In the back of our heads we know that it could have been worse.

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It looks like John Harbaugh needs to focus his team. A little self-control goes a long way in preventing this situations. It’s not like I’m going to sit on a soapbox and howl about this. A sprained finger is a minor injury.